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Professional Artists Course: Korean Music

< Professional Artists Course: Korean> is the best program to raise new rookie by teaching professional performance class like composing/conducting, gayageum, haegeum, daepiri, daegeum/sogeum, pansori, and percussion. The professors of this class are consisted by Lee Yongtak, music director of pansori opera ‘Cheong’ and ‘Chunhyang’, and other several top-level performers. To raise the person as professional artists, this class improves the person’s performing techniques and professional refinement about music.


Information & Application

о major : composing/conducting, gayageum, haegeum, daepiri, daegeum/sogeum, pansori, percussion

о class : 1 hour for integrate class (choose between piano and stage business) / 2 hour for major class

* Students will learn the songs which are proper to each class and to the student’s level, with concerted music, solo music, and duet music.

о Students : Students or graduates of University

о Period : 1st semester – start at 10/6 (for 15 weeks)     2nd semester – start at 3/4(for 15 weeks)

о Time : 2:00 P.M. ~ 5:00 P.M for each Saturday (for 3 hours)

о Fee :  3,200,000won per semester

о Professor & Number of students: 

Major class professor Number of students
composing/conducting Lee Yongtak 2
gayageum Mun Yangsuk 2
haegeum An Suryeon 2
daepiri Lee Sangjun 2
pansori Seo Jeonggeum 2
percussion Lee Seungho 2
daegeum/sogeum Mun Hyeonghui 2
total 14
















※ If the students is less than 2, the class will be canceled.

 о Audition :  2012/9/1 ~ 2012/9/22, held every Saturday

– Place : Korea Artist Center Traditional Culture Foundation ARTIN Music Academy Studio 3

 о Announcement : 2012/9/28(Fri) with calls

о Application :  Visit or call to the ARTIN Music Academy after you admitted from audition. (Ask : 02-2655-3111)


Benefits when you enrolled this class

о Debut at New Rookie Concert

After the one year of the course, 7~8 students who are selected by Final Evaluation Recital will have debut stage at New Rookie Concert held at Small Hall ‘Dal’ of National Theater of Korea, Chamberhall of Sejong Center, and IBK Chamber Hall of Seoul Arts Center. The students will be performed with Gukak Orchestra ‘Ahope’ and classic chamber orchestra. Students who are not selected at Final Evaluation Recital can get 30% off the original price, when they enroll this class again.


о Offer private practicing room and stage at Academy Hall which has live concert music equipment

Not only on Saturday, students can use private practicing room also on weekdays.


о Give certificates and scholarship for excellent students

Among students who completed the one-year course, the foundation will select excellent students and give part of the fees of the next year course as scholarship.


о Give opportunity to enroll audition to select performers for Regular Concert held by Traditional Culture Foundation

 Students can attend audition to perform regularly at Parents’ Day Concert, New Age Concert, Hangawi Concert, Year-end Special Concert, and other concerts held by Traditional Culture Foundation.



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