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Global Music Class for Children

Ancient Greek emphasized art education with a wide latitude to develop the holistic education (which means physically, psychologically, and spiritually a perfect education). Also, our ancients were called Seonbi, and their elegant tastes of art in Joseon dynasty are still flourished today and spread through other nations, making a new term “Korean Wave”. These circumstances tell us that our music education for children must be changed from the class to learn technique to the class to raise an aggregate sophistication.

Many musicians who have studied abroad and experienced foreign music education agree that western music education is very helpful to enjoy music and naturally assimilate musical expressions. They also agree that foreigners’ recognition about Korean music is very limited. Global Music Class for Children is newly held by Traditional Culture Foundation, adopts music education system of ABRSM(Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) as a role model and re-arranges that system which is to appropriate for Koreans. This system includes  training for music dictation, reading music, musical theory, performance of ensembles and solo music, and music appreciation. It also focuses on a balanced education to get splendid artistic expressions rather than a hectic class to get performance techniques. Songs for practicing are consisted of several classical repertories with children’s song from different nations, traditional and contemporary Korean songs, and simple jazz. The class is taught in English for global education to raise talented children. Concerted music during this class will raise the children’s cooperation and sociality, and teach how to respect others. In today’s world where social violence is raised by economical and scientifical development is prevalent, this Global Music Class for Children will be considered as a solution to raise a healthy mind.

* Curriculum

Using the digital piano, this class has 5-10 children. There are two kinds of classes, one is for once a week and another one is for twice a week.  Songs for classes are different depending on children’s grades, but generally includes a wide and various range of music like classics, romantic music, children’s songs from different nations, and simple jazz..


* Grades

There are six grades in this class, and each grade is for six months. For three years total, children will get aggregate education which forms basics for an advanced course.

– In the 1st and 2nd grade, children learn the basics of music theory like time, scale, and note. They also get the basic music dictation and a concerted and solo performance which are proper in this level.

– In the 3rd and 4th grade, children learn how to read accidental mark,  make basic chord, music dictation, and simple changes of key signature, and practice songs which are consisted by more complex rhythm.

– In the 5th and 6th grade, children learn more difficult music terms from demisemiquaver to the other terms means several cues and structures of music. They can also play fast music which has difficult and complex changes of rhythm, and an impromptu which has distinctive stories. However, if the children’s achievements have deviation, the class will be re-arranged depending on those achievements.


* Final Concert and Performance

For the end of each grade, the final concert will be held to finish up the course. As the result of these performances to represent the achievements of the class, children will experience music which can be enjoyed by both the audience and performers. All the classes in ARTIN Academy has a Music Academy Workshop (Public Recital – Mini Concert) for three months and an Academy Concert (Advanced Concert) for twice a year.


* Information & Application

– Students : children who attend kindergarten or elementary school

– Class : once a week – you can choose either Wednesday or Saturday

–       twice a week – you can choose either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday

– Time : Lower grades – 10:00 A.M. / Higher grades – 11:00 A.M. / Kindergartens – 2:00 P.M. / all the classes are 50 minutes each.

– Application : A simple interview (test) is held at the beginning of every month, and the class is arranged depending on this interview. You can apply for this interview by a visit or call to the ARTIN Music Academy. The phone number is 02-2655-3111.


* Instructor

– Piano

Lee Jihui Graduated Seoul Arts High School, Hanyang University, Graduate School in Hanyang University, Trinity College (U.K.), Royal Academy of Music

Kim Juyeong

Graduated Yewon School, Seoul Arts High School, Yeonsei University, Universitaet der Kuenste in Berin (Germany)

Doctor’s degree at Ball State University (U.S.A)

Choi Jingyeong Graduated Seonhwa Arts Middle School, Seonhwa Arts High School, Yeonsei University

Master’s degree at Eastman School of Music

– Vocal (Children’s song, Italian/Korean/German song, Musical)

Choi Jeonghun (baritone) Graduated Hanyang University, majored in voice at Brahms Conservatory(Germany)

lectures at Seoul Christian University


Kim Seonga (soprano)


Graduated Seonhwa Arts High School, Korea National University of Arts, Salzburg Mozarteum (Austria)


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