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“New Perspective to See Art – Law” by lawyer Kim Hyeongjin

1. Introduction

Ever since the arts became familiar to ordinary people and emerged as a new field of investment, the law related to the arts also became important. Among a variety of perspectives to see art, we will try to see how art related to law is seen in our everyday lives. During the lecture, we will satisfy our curiosity of some of the art’s masterpieces such as, what law did the painter violate, who will get the copyright of the art pieceparody, who gets the property rights of the paintings if the owner bought the paiting without knowing it was stolen, and how a painting can be judged as freedom of expression or pornography.

The lawyer will teach how to view paintings using law, a new perspective about arts, with various examples and anecdotes about legal trouble around the art world. Kim Hyeongjin, an American lawyer who works for the Jeongse Law Firm and contributes to Jungang Sunday the column <Law School in Art Museum> will be our lecturer. He is teaching Law about Fine Art at the graduate school of art, at Seoul National University.

2. Curriculums

Date : 2012. September 4 ~ December 18, every Tuesday from 10:30 to 12:30 (for two hours)

+) ★Free Open Lecture★

Before regular lectures start on September 4, Korea Artists Center ARTIN Fine Art Academy will hold a special free lecture, <Crime hiding under the Impressionism Masterpiece>, on Tuesday, August 28, 10:30 A.M.

Schedule :

# Date Contents of Lecture
1 9/4 Pornography – Michelangelo, Tracey Emin, Sally Mann
2 9/11 Violence – Caravaggio, Chris Burden, Saint Orlan
3 9/18 Homicide – Gogh, Veronese
4 9/25 Assassination – Tutankhamen, David
5 10/2 absence
6 10/9 Politics – Arno Breker, Ai Weiwei
7 10/16 profanity and Animal Abuse – Damien Hirst, Rubens
8 10/23 Penal Offense 1 – Brueghel, Hogarth
9 10/30 Penal Offense 2 – Georges de La Tour, Delacroix
10 11/6 Blackmail, Abhorrence, and defamation – David Nelson, Juan Dávila
11 11/13 Larceny and stolen goods – Monet, Chagall
12 11/20 Copyright 1 – Kim Sejung, Andy Warhol
13 11/27 Copyright 2 – Paik Namjune , Frank O. Gehry
14 12/4 Trademark – Picasso, Chun Kyungja, Andy Warhol
15 12/11 War – Hitler, Henricus Antonius van Meegeren, Pergamon
16 12/18 International Law – Okura, Jiǎng Jièshí


Applicant : adults or college students who have interests in art

Capacity : 50 people

Place : Korea Artists Center Academy Hall B1

Application : Fill in the application form on the homepage and send it to the e-mail( or visit office with form. (accept in order)

Application Date : 2012 April 1 ~ September 7 6:00 P.M.

Fee  : 300,000\

Payment :

If you want to make the deposit by using credit cards, you must visit the office or use the cable payment. If you want to make a deposit without a bankbook, you can send it to Shinhan110-027-907169, account holder Korea Artists Center.

Call : 2655-3113

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