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Gallery Concert “Meeting of the celebrated painting, performance, and coffee”

Korean Artists Center Artin Fine Art Academy has opened an art theory lecture for adult called <Gallery Concert – Meeting of the Celebrated Painting, Performance, and Coffee>, from June to November, every first Thursday of the month, at 10:30 A.M. It divides Western art history into 6 themes, explaining various painters’ lives and stories of particular eras. This program is expected to bring new perspective by understanding art through the painters’ famous paintings which is essential in Western art history.

With traditional Korean music performances and coffee, the Gallery Concert will be a special and splendid experience for those who want to learn art history. This lecture is held with Park Uchan, an art critic and chief curator of Gyeonggi-do Museum, and other chief musicians of National Traditional Orchestra.

Date : every first Thursday of the month, start June 7

Time : 10:30 A.M – 12:30 P.M (for two hours)

Place : Korea Artists Center Academy Hall

Application : accept in order from May 1

Fill in the application form on the homepage and send it to the e-mail( or visit office with form.

Fee : 20,000 won (Coffee and bread is available/this fee is per one class)

* Group more than four people can have 40% discount.

If you want to make the deposit by using credit cards, you must visit the office or use the cable payment. If you want to make a deposit without a bankbook, you can send it to Gukmin 878301 – 01 -243912, account holder Lee Misuk.

Schedule :

Date Contents of Lecture
6/7 (Thu) A Apple in the Works of Art
7/5 (Thu) Eye of Gogh, Eye of Gauguin
8/2 (Thu) Understanding Picasso, you can appreciate cintemporary arts
9/6 (Thu) Arts thought by head, Arts felt by heart
10/4 (Thu) Contemporary Arts seeing by a paper cup
11/1 (Thu) Arts that make money, Arts that do not make the money

* This schedule can be changed by the lecturer’s situations.

Call : 2655-3113

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